Kah-Vay Services

Our services are focused on the human capital/people niche. People who negotiate for people and services; teams that include employee relations and industrial relations, talent sourcing and procurement, sales and client relationship management

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Invest in your people. Develop a skill that immediately and positively impacts your bottom line.

Workshops that are immersive, instantly impactful and pragmatic. Learning is reinforced through an experiential philosophy of “tell, show, do” and behavioural change techniques.

The learning journeys focus on heightening the awareness of negotiation as a skill set, and the opportunities that effective negotiation presents. The workshops demonstrate how delegates can negotiate more valuable agreements – for both parties – whilst still preserving the integrity of relationships.

Embedded on long term projects or commissioned on short term assignments Kah-Vay works with you and your team to achieve more.

Our consulting services team is uniquely qualified to serve either as your partner or mentor in the negotiating process or strategy development, with an emphasis on practical, real-world solutions.

Every negotiation or transformational project is unique, Kah-Vay works with you to develop actionable plans based on your company’s situation, needs and goals. We develop with you long-term strategic planning processes and actions that consider everything from commanders Intent and objectives through to route planning and alternate route mapping, from risk through to implementation, co-creating with clients behind the scenes, examining what's working well and what’s not,  providing specific tactics and strategies to ensure the best possible outcome in any given situation.

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Looking to develop a new negotiation learning journey for your business but not sure where to turn?

At Kah-Vay, we blend technology with the art and science of negotiation. Whether you need a bespoke training workshop or blended e-learning programme we can help you develop and transform your negotiation learning and development journeys.

We co-create with our partners helping to identify, plan and deliver your L&D objectives, with courses delivered either by in-house Kah-Vay consultants or alternatively through a ‘train-the-trainer’ model.

We provide a confidential sounding board to support your personal growth

Be ready to make mistakes and embrace discomfort in a safe space. We can help you see beyond your tried-and-tested strategies that might not be cutting it any more.

We deep dive with you. We analyse what is working and what is not and then we agree on what needs to be done differently to achieve more.

Inter-personal trust and openness is essential and we recognise that every individual is different, meaning that we would not profess to be the right fit for everyone, but for those that are, we will be there for you as a trusted confidante for as long as we are needed