Negotiation Training

Grow your business by investing in a skill that immediately and positively impacts your bottom line.

Workshops are immersive, instantly impactful and pragmatic. Learning is reinforced through an experiential philosophy of “tell, show, do” and behavioural change techniques.


Attendees will learn about the 360° of Negotiation situations from The Haggler through to The Diplomat, which explore the full range of distributive and integrative mindsets.

76% of the participant’s time is spent ‘doing’ and learning from what they and their colleagues do and by the end of their learning journey attendees are able to;


  • plan and prepare for negotiations

  • identify and implement the most appropriate strategies

  • manage their own and their counterpart’s behaviour

  • create and maintain the most appropriate climate to maximize their deals;

  • effectively question and listen to “get into the other party’s head”;

  • trade across a range of concessions to achieve maximum benefit;

  • develop and present creative proposals;

  • employ a range of tools to manage the negotiation;

  • control the other party’s aspirations;

  • manage conflict and maintain self-control;

  • understand power; where is it, who has it, how to get it and how to use it;


Our workshops open the eyes and ears of our attendees to negotiation tactics and behaviours. They become more comfortable being uncomfortable and more confident to achieve more.


Attendees learn a common negotiation language and a planning process that connects teams and departments across your business ensuring the business achieves more.


The end result is "better-negotiated outcomes" that maximise value and strengthen relationships internally and externally that positively impacts your bottom line.

We are so confident in our 360° Negotiator Programme (8 delegates, fully residential, completion of the full 6-month programme) that we offer a money back guarantee if you don't achieve the advertised x10 Return on Investment.


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I had the amazing opportunity to attend Giles's 360 negotiator class. The curriculum and instruction were incredible, insightful and allowed me to learn outside of my comfort zone. In today's complex world of global negotiation, being prepared is not enough. Understanding how to maintain control and the overall value of your proposition can feel like a lost art. It was a pleasure to be a part of this engagement, thank you, sir, for the education.

Hang on to your hat! Giles is quite simply a whirlwind facilitator that brings the subject matter alive, creating a pacey environment for fast, fun, action-based learning. Delegates exit the experience with a sense of personal achievement.

I have had the pleasure of being a delegate in Giles's Classroom on 2 occasions and would recommend his skills, knowledge and experience without reservation. His facilitation has drawn out and developed the skills of our team and his personable nature allowed us to challenge some of our most deep-seated habits.

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