Negotiation Consulting

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Our consulting services are focussed in the human capital niche. Advising within Employee Relations and Industrial Relations, Sourcing and Procurement, Sales and Client Management.


Embedded on long term projects or commissioned on short term assignments, Kah-Vay works with you and your negotiation teams to achieve more.

Advising and guiding your teams in fully appreciating the strategic landscape. Researching the law of three; People, Power and Process and using this investigation to align, condition and plan multiple routes to success.

Delivering insights on how to transform your negotiation projects, processes, strategies, tactics and in turn your company to deliver tangible returns on investment and increase shareholder value. Typical types of engagement include:


  • Developing, project managing and implementing negotiation training needs analysis (TNA) and learning journeys in preparation for real world negotiations. Facilitating workshops and coaching executive teams as they prepare for and execute transformational change and commercial negotiation projects

  • Acting as a trusted business partner; coaching and advising your teams as they prepare for and execute complex negotiations in strictest confidence, giving them the advantage

  • Advising and driving strategic and tactical planning, in-line with the Kah-Vay planning process and using the Kah-Vay tools. Working with you and your teams from start to finish including, if required, negotiating the deal, if appropriate


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Strategic Negotiation planning with Kah-Vay was very useful and instructive. It helps me and my team to become more long-term and strategically focussed when preparing in negotiations and contributes effectively to realize challenging objectives.

Giles has been one of these exceptional facilitators that you remember and makes a personal impact in a manner that stands out. Not for standing out but for making you work and acquire new insights and see the world from a new perspective. A pure play professional in negotiation, standing above the game and being able to transfer learnings effectively.

A fantastic business coach who uses a simple set of guiding principles and teaches them in creative and stimulating ways. Giles has shown me how to create more value for our business and our customers; skills that will last a lifetime; taught in just a few days. A highly professional consultant, consistent from start to finish, who enjoys a good laugh too. Highly recommended for any business looking to create value from negotiation!